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Pic Of The Day

Last shot of the night as we wrapped up Saturdays Evening Wedding. The actual ceremony took place at 8:30 pm just as the sun started to set. More to come later.

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Mark Ridout - Thanks Ashley…many more great shots and I’ll post a few …I just need my computer back (tomorrow *fingers crossed)

Ashley Mulholland(Kay) - This is the first pic I have seen of my wedding. The fire works were not planned but they worked perfect. Glad you got this shot Mark. Love it!!

Sarah - love it. Beautiful shot! I love fireworks!!!! 🙂

Kristy - This is an awesome shot!

trina - oooooo and ahhhhhhhh just don’t cut it for this one, Mark….. unbelievably great shot!

Bella The Wonder Dog

The boy’s decided to videotape Bella jumping the neighbors hedges. For those clients that have visited the office and met Bella….enjoy 🙂 David Letterman here we come!

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Madison Kozak - so this is how Curtis and Liam are spending there summer!!!
I watch they’re videos on you tube all the time!!!!
hahahahaha too funny!

judy Kay - That was too cute 🙂

Sarah - Oh MY GOD….HILARIOUS! …how long did it take her to find the ball??! haha so cute!

Peter Gregg - Gotta say that performance is extremely cool and far out. I watched it a couple of times. The dog is pretty good too 😉


Sue Bird - love it! ~ sue

Tammy - OMG, Mark!!! Caleb is sitting here laughing his *** off!!!

The Sylvestres Building – The Good, Bad and Ugly Awards

This weeks Lindsay “Ugly Award” goes to the building occupied by Sylvestres of Lindsay located at 98 Kent St. West. The Sylvestres building beat out the competition for the week ending June 28, 2009. The judges chose Sylvesters because of it’s unique window treatment. Judges decision was based on the number of months that the […]

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Lindsay & Andrew – Lindsay Golf and Country Club

The rain sprinkled on the proceedings but held off opening up to allow us some great photo ops from the party and after party late at night at a club where they had all the fun they have wanted there were even adult services from Zoom Escorts. Lindsay and Andrew married at the Lindsay Gold […]

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Amanda Pascoe - Some beautiful shots here!! (Although I’m not so fond of the one of me.)They look great so far,I Love the shoe one!….. can’t wait to see more!!

Lindsay Beaulieu - I love the pictures from our wedding! Can’t wait to see the rest of them! Thanks for taking these amazing pictures and capturing beautiful moments from one of the best days of our lives!

Mark Ridout - Canon Eos 5D Mark II / 1/160th sec / f11.0 / ISO 400 / Focal Length 24.0 mm / Lens: 24-70mm f/2.8L USM

Albert Koops - Hi Mark, I love the picture of the groomsmen, very badass! May I ask what lense/focal length you used for this shot? Thanks!

Pic(s) Of The Day – Longly Harley Davidson Of Peterborough

I think these guys are from Longley Harley in Peterborough Ontario if I remember correctly….if I’m wrong please don’t come knockin’ at my door 🙂

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Daryl Doucette - Those are great shots, I remember coming over the hill and thinking I hope I swerve at the right time LOL. That is Judd Smoke on the yellow shovelhead and me Daryl Doucette on the copper shovelhead. We were actually from Kawartha Custom Motorcycles, it is no longer in operation. I would love to any other shots you took if you still have them.


Mark Ridout - I believe I was using the 70-200L 2.8

Erin - Hi Mr.Ridout

Could you please tell us what lens you used for the last shot of the bike? Thanks!

Mark Ridout - Hey Jeff….I was actually lying on the road in servo setting and praying he didn’t run over me…..the image is full frame…no cropping on the final frame although I wish I had more of his hands.

Jeff - the second images is kick ass!

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