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6th Congresso Paulista Da Foto and Paraty Brasil

Chantal and I had a great time in Brasil and especially during our workshop at the FHOX convention, 6th Congresso Paulista Da Foto. I’m sure that some of what I said may have been lost in translation but for the most part Hank (the interpreter) was able to keep up. I know that at times […]

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My Brazilian Students - Sold Out Workshop » Ridout Photography - […] Celio from Revista Fhox was kind enough to send me a few pics from my workshop in Sal Paulo Brasil in April. I had the fortunate opportunity to meet and share with the warmest audience any one could […]

Mark Ridout - Thanks Trina come again 🙂

Mark Ridout - In Sao Paulo I would not wonder out alone in the evening. As far as during the day I was always with Chantal who would protect me should a situation arrise. As far as Paraty I did not have any issues wandering the streets early in the morning or into the evening. I do not take a tripod….to much hassle with luggage and dragging it around. I believe regardless of where you shoot, Canada, USA , Cuba, Brazil….one must always be aware of what is going on around you.

Neal Jacob - I don’t know if you just heard that, but that was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.

I love the cart with the Visa umbrellas! “VISA! It’s everywhere you want to be!” LOL! 🙂

Rick - Hello Mark, welcome back! dude, seriously, I am so envious of you! I love Brasil!. My wife is Brazilian from Rio and we also visited Paraty back in 2006 and your photos brought back some great memories! I have to ask, what did you think or how did you feel about the security of taking photos in Sao Paulo or Paraty? Personally, I was not worried one bit but my wife never let me keep my camera out of the backpack long enough to really get what I wanted. I think her mom got inside her head that there were thieves around every corner and I came home somewhat disappointed. When you went out early in the am, did you go with anyone or bring a tripod? That would certainly attract attention. We stayed in a hotel just south of Angra for about 10 days and had a blast! I definitely want to go back but this time with more than a 24-70. thanks for the great images! i knew we could count on you!

Sebastian - Amazing work, keep it coming!

trina - ah-glad you’re back to the blog, mark. wonderful to look at.

Out Of The Office – Brazil , Mexico and Jamaica

I will be away from my computer and not returning e mails until Monday May 11th.

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Mark Ridout - Frank…simple answer….yes

Frank Wilson - Yo Dude!
Is this image processed with Lucis Art software?

Frank Wilson

Jared - what size canvas is that? Thats a awesome shot!
Also mind sharing what kind of technique you use on your images to get that look?

Jes - I hope I hear from you 🙂 We phoned on Friday but you must have been gone already….

Eighteen Foot Canvas Delivered

We used a school bus to deliver an 18 foot canvas today. The canvas print stretched onto a pine frame looked incredible. The company that provided the printing, delivery and hanging of the huge image was Spitting Images. Here is a small version of the 44″x18′ Canvas We decided to block traffic for a moment […]

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Digital Image Tips | Spitting Images - […] 15 feet. In fact, in 2009, we delivered an 18 foot canvas print to a customer in Lindsay, Ontario. Click here to see photos. The smallest we print on canvas or photo/fine art paper is 8″ x 8″ – with the […]

Alan Robertson - Fantastic! I love the idea of using the school bus – quite a story. It truly is a stunning canvas print. Well done. Alan.

Digital Image Tips | Spitting Images - […] 15 feet. In fact, in 2009, we delivered an 18 foot canvas print to a customer in Lindsay, Ontario. Click here to see photos. The smallest we print on canvas or photo/fine art paper is 8″ x 8″ – with […]

Mark Ridout - come here and give me a hug!

Sherry Reid - hey mark, we were in the pharmacy yesterday to see the canvas.. its awesome, love it !!!!

Daniel Weylie - Big Canvas, Big Shoes, Big Heart.

Photo On Canvas Man - Greetings from across the pond! As canvas enthusiasts we really enjoyed your photos… we’d love to make something that big!! Could I ask what type of frame was used, please? Or is it a closely-guarded secret?!


Peter Gregg - Holy cow, that is an amazing picture. It would take someone like Mark Ridout to create an amazing image like that on a canvas print. Obviously one of the best photographers in the country 🙂

Adam Miasik - Hey Mark!

For once in your life you can finally say that: yours is bigger than mine!

Adam - Man … I didn’t know canvases could be printed & framed that large! Wicked. There are some bragging rights there on how BIG yours is…..

kevin - This was a fun project, though we still had a few feet to spare in the school bus – how are you going to top this Mark? Have a good trip, see you in a few weeks.

For all the ‘behind the scenes’ photos, check out Spitting Images Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bobcaygeon-ON/Spitting-Images/9072407454

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