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Pic Of The Day – from the Cuban archives

Pulled these from the Cuban archives. Check back soon as I will be posting some fresh new images over the next few weeks from weddings and engagement shoots. When time permits this image will be made into a 42×60 canvas

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Jennifer Lamy - These are so beautiful and timeless. Cuba has been top of my trip list for awhile – seeing your work makes me think its about time I make it happen! ; )

Rick Lewis - Thanks Mark. I thought it was probably something of that nature. Your photography certainly has not changed. Brilliant as always! I really like the way you help draw our eye to your subject. I find myself working toward the same goal in my post production. Take care. Rick

Mark Ridout - Hey Rick,
I had no problem with PhotoIdentities except that I couldn’t update my site easily because I had an older version that didn’t have the current backend capabilities that they now offer. The reason that I switched to Clickbooq is their marriage with Redcart. I have both systems working together to enhance the customer experience. Clickbooq has a great backend with many capabilities and RedCart is the leader in shopping cart software.

Rick Lewis - Mark,
I love this photo! I really like your new website too. Any thoughts on what prompted the change?

Your Nikon friend in Tampa,

Elaine - Wow! Breathtaking pictures! How did you make that colour pop!?!?

Pic Of The Day

Liam and Curtis take a break from street hockey to pose yet again for the old man on Glenelg Street.  Shot with the Canon 5D Mark II , 70-200mm 2.8 @ 200mm  On the right just out of camera view and approx 8 feet from the subject is a 580 exII  diffused with the Ultimate […]

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Mark - STREET hockey? In Canada? During the winter? Sacrilege! Where’s the skates, pucks, and ice? 🙂 Beautiful photograph. I really like your use of cross and back-lighting. Excellent balance, as always.

D'Arcy McNeil - Nice shot and expressions on the models. Remember, on camera flash is for weenies!

Mississauga Photographer gets Spanked

Looks like Bassem over at Samar Studios in Mississauga has been shooting over my shoulder. No! …. wait a minute I took those images!  If you are looking for a photographer to come shoot your wedding in Mississauga or anywhere in Toronto for that matter please contact me.  One thing for sure….all of the images […]

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Nas Mazboudi - hey bassem (samarstudio.com) is my father, this isn’t justifiable, you should e-mail me at discontinyou@hotmail.com

Rob Oresteen - Mark – unbelievable.

Not that he did it. There are many out there that are scum like that. But like, after using one after another you wouldn’t find out.

Clearly, a total and complete dumb ass. I hope your 2×4 hurts!

– Rob O.

Melanie - This is terrible. I’m sorry this happened to you. I don’t understand why some photographers feel the need to steal.

Mike - I can see why he/she used your pictures. Theirs look like crap!

Elaine - Unbelievable!!! That’s pretty scary though for people who are looking to hire. A “photographer” steals someone’s quality images, and you hire them thinking that’s what you are going to get and lo and behold you probably get served with some cr@p pictures, or with people like this, they take your money and run!! I think there is a website called copyscape.com that some photographers use to find this stuff too.

Petula - Insane and wth? Glad you caught the douche.

Nath - I just can’t beleive this…really???? what’s it to them anyway??
SOOO low of those people.
By the way, your work is great.

Robert Whetton - Its amazing what some people will stretch to, there’s a guy in my area, who i’m sure has taken photographs from other people to put in a slide show on the front of his site – i know that 1 shot is from Microsoft Office Clipart!

hope you get it resolved!

sm - man, i totally can’t believe it! what CHEEK! i never would have thought anyone would try this – i guess if i was a bride i would insist on seeing a tog’s print portfolio & enlargements – a lot harder to steal web images & print them 3 feet wide! glad you got him!

Melissa Winsley - Unreal – just checked out their site and it now says “Every image on our site is the product of our photography…” Funny that the “hackers” made that come out. Make sure you smack em good Mark!

Bernie Aho - Hey guys this is a great tool for catching this as well.
Its a visual search engine, upload your image or give url to the image and it will search things like it..Watch the video its pretty cool. It gets better as it indexes the internet. Probably won’t pick up flash sites though 🙁 but something


Heather Prosser - Unbelievable!!! I am so glad you caught him. What are the chances that you came across his web site with your photos? This is just so wrong, in so many ways. Let us know what happens after this! Heather

curtoneil - Well last night he said “hackers” got to his site and took it down. I guess that’s the new name for lawyers now. I checked today to giggle at it again and he’s back up and running. I’ve just looked quick but his portfolio page has completely changed – did the hackers change all the pictures too? Anyway it’s even more laughable now. Look at Ridout’s screen caps above then check out his new portfolio page – NONE of the images are the same.

Daniel Weylie - YIKES! I love copyright infringement cases- go git em!

Megan - That is shocking behaviour. Fraudulent. Thanks for Saturday Mark, had a great time.

Trina - Unbelievable, Mark. So glad you have better know-how. What a jerk.

Janet - Absolutely unbelievable Mark! I am speechless that someone could lower themselves to this. He obviously he has NO Idea how or what it is to be an artist or a professional. By the look of his site at the moment you spanked him hard! and rightfully so!

Lindsay House - WOW!!! What an idiot – it’s photographers like that who take advantage of brides to be on a budget…I know because I was one!!! I had originally booked a complete moron for my wedding and after a few episodes I realized his unprofessionalism and found Mark the saviour!!!

It wasn’t until after I dealt with Mark and seen his regular updates on his website that I realized that the guy I originally hired NEVER updates his website, but had so many more beautiful shots on his computer when we went for our consultation than what he had posted on his site…I bet they too are ones stolen from other photographers.

It’s truly sad that talentless hacks have to steal from brilliant photographers and rip off unknowing clients who think they’re paying for the same thing!

I hope you get him good Mark!!!

Amanda Pascoe - CRAZY!! I can’t believe some people! Question though?? What exactly does spanked mean?? What kind of trouble can this guy get in exactly??..just curious.

Jennifer - Whoa!! What some people will stoop to never ceases to amaze me. I’m completely stunned by this. I recently had a home invasion and they stole 3/4 of my studio equipment. Police have done very little, so I hope you skewer these people. It would make me feel better.

Adam Miasik - Hey Mark!

No worries, the Polish hit man has been dispatched and we will promptly make kapusta out of them. NO one F*@#Ks with my bratha and lives. Get your own jobs and merits people and the work will come. This type of theft makes my cabbage boil!!!

James Lee - Mark,

Firstly I love your work, it truly inspires me!

This guy is a complete moron and a thief, I service the Mississauga area and will certainly be on the look out for this knob thanks so much for sharing this. I wonder if all of the images are stolen from real photographers. I curious if you’ve tried http://www.tineye.com, (I think I may upload some of the images from his website and see if they are on other sites as well. I’m beside myself on this one, spank him HARD!

Mark Ridout - Every know and then I do a search on my name checking for buried meta data that isn’t stripped from images. Not to long ago a photographer from the Muskoka’s was using my images and he also was spanked. This particular retard I happened across while searching for Photographers in Toronto. Clicked on his site and low and behold…my images. Who the hell is hiring hacks like this? Unbelievable!

Adam - Wow! That’s insane. How did you learn of this fool?

D'Arcy McNeil - Spank them good!

curtoneil - Wow! That’s ridiculous.

Did someone tip you off for it or did you stumble on it yourself? I wonder how many others are “borrowed” images. As someone starting out that makes me sick.

Waiting patiently for you to come up north 😉

Luke Arms - Yet another lame photographer.

Mind if I ask how you found him/her out?

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