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An Evening Of Champions – goodbye Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan will be up against this hulk,  Shawn Valleau in “An Evening Of Champions” with Michael “Pinball” Clemons as the guest speaker. This is a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Kawartha Lakes and Ridout Photography is supplying the artistic photographic bloodshed. Stay tuned to this blog for updates.

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Dmitri - OMG, that image is INSANE!!

Ridout Photography » An Evening Of Champions - Kevin “Hurricane” Ryan - […] has been training hard for his Lindsay debut. Try not to blink as Kevin faces off with tough guy Shawn Valleau seen here in an intense training session. This will be one of those fights that promises to be an […]

James Hodgins - Mark, this is an awesome image. Everything about it is perfect. Great stuff. I enjoy reading your blog every week.



Dano - Valleau will be cleaning house…..better lay off the donuts Kevin and get to the gym….not much time left.

Kev's conner - It looks like the “Hulk” has had a bit too much juice, and I’m not talking apple or orange. I think when it comes to fight night the Italian will put the squeeze on him!

Mark Ridout - The word on the street is that Italian Ryan is built like a shit brick house….unfortunately I can’t comment. On photo night he showed up wearing a suit and had to leave. I couldn’t see what was under the hood. Rumor has it….to many donuts.

Brian - This will be an excellant fight!! Just get your tickets and hold on. Vegas may call this a draw but the Italian Ryan, will prevail.

Trina Schaetz - Mark, you are incredibly versatile as a photographer. I am pretty sure that very few folks can say that about their skills. What a gift.

Mark Ridout - The heavy bag? What about Kevin 🙂

Adam - Dude, that is an insane image. It made me feel sorry for the heavy bag! LOL

Christmas – heaven on earth

The music is loud. The old grey haired man is singing. It’s a new dawn in photography. Twenty one megapixels of shear hallelujah and it’s not even Christmas day. I’ll post a 1080P video of me dancing around the tree 🙂

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Tamandra - I’m drooling, too! I want one so bad it hurts. I’ll have to keep shooting with my 40D for now, though. This is my first time on your blog, really dig the images 🙂 I’ll stay tuned for some more from the new camera!

Bri - Yes, this is true Mark….High ISO with a transition from extreme dark to bright on the outer fringes, and I think it would take a true Pixel peeper to find em 🙂 Anyway, I plan on getting one. The new 24L II rocks tho, I must say…


Paul McCall - Hi Mark… It’s Paul from DWC…. So glad you got your new toy and looking forward to your review of it.

Cheers mate!

Mark Ridout - Hey Bri,
although I have read articles on it I have seen many posts from other photographers that haven’t experienced the problem. For me I really haven’t worried about it and probably won’t. I’ll check out this model when I get a chance and see if it truly exists. I think it was only evident in high iso , dark scenes.

Bri - Hey Mark, Congrats on the new addition 🙂 I had one as well but decided to cancel the order due to the black dot saga on the sensor, I’ll wait until Canon resolves that…I’ll have to sacrifice and use my old 1DSIII with 21 MP and 45p AF but I did manage to pick up the new 24mm 1.4 II today which is pretty awesome…… 🙂 That was my early xmas present….

Amanda - Score! I’m jealous.

Krystal Sarchet-Fagan - OK…I’m Jealous. My name is on a list 100 deep at the Camera shop I use. I’m still waiting for the glorious phone call saying my camera is in come pick it up. I think I’m going to go try to bribe my way up the list. Have fun playing with your camera. Can’t wait to see the dancing video. I could use a good laugh. Happy Holiday’s!!!

Adam - I’m a Nikon shooter but still drool at this model. I think the 21 megapixel will be the ‘sweet spot’ for censor size and noise performance. Time will tell. Now if my wife would only let me sell the farm and get the D700 that I want … 🙁

Seasons Greetings!

Mark Ridout - Hey Curt…absolutely! I’m looking forward to camp :)The shitty thing about the camera is the batteries are not the same as the 10,20,30,or 5D. This camera takes a new battery specific to the Mark II and retails in Ontario for 219.00….one battery!219.00 So I purchased one extra and now have two but it’s always nice to have at least two full sets. I also purchased the grip….that’s why I needed the extra battery. I will definitely be looking at picking up two more when I’m at Imaging USA in January.

Curt - Hey Mark,

I’m your July 4, 09 groom – hoping this will be making an appearance here – mostly so I can drool over it and possibly touch it.

jeff - congrats! A fellow shooter of mine got his almost 2 weeks ago, and it’s a pretty impressive machine, I’m still a little bias with my mrk III, but the 5d mrk II is a beast with resolution, and ooooo the new screen!


Sydney & Jose – Wedding

Had a great time shooting and working on this wedding.  Jose and Sydney live in Bermuda where they both work for Price Waterhouse Coopers. I think they met by the photo copier….ok…. I don’t have a clue how they met but I do know they are totally in love. Here are a few two page […]

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Doreen - Beautiful pictures Mark. Can’t wait to see more slideshows….

Laura Millard - You’ve done it again Mark. Good work. You had great subjects to work with fortunately. Syd and Jose, I can’t wait to see the rest of the shots. You both look absolutely fantastic. Beautiful day.

megan ward - beauty pics mark.

Sarah Young - These photos are incredible! I am amazed. You really captured the moment, Mark

Debbie - Absolutely beautiful. Tell me, how did you erase all my million wrinkles…I am having a face lift for sure now!

Sydney - Thanks Mark, I couldn’t be happier nor could I have possible dreamed they’d be so amazing. Can’t wait to see the rest soon!!

Mark Ridout - Hey Carlos,
there are no more pics…I only took twelve…..and thanks for the update in regards to Bermuda. I knew it started with a “B”

Raychelle - What a cute couple! As always, great job Mark!! 🙂

Carlos - Great pictures, when are the rest coming? btw Sydney and Jose live in Bermuda

Jose - Great pics Mark…can’t wait to see the rest. Amazingly (and unfortunately) you were correct…we did first meet about 10 feet from a photocopier (sigh).


Sunday Drive – flat tire

No Sunday drive today. Busy editing and working on weddings. Instead here’s a pic of our tree. Not that you need any more Christmas spirit. I’ll be posting some images over the next few days as I edit through them. Have a great week ahead!

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Dan - Holy. Is that a puppet on the top of the tree? Are those books about photography on the shelf? Oh well back to Christmas hell…

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