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Mark’s Metal Art – Chantal’s Metal Art

My art work was cheaper to produce then Chantal’s…..that being said Chantal and her girlfriend Lynn crawled from the flipped car without as much as a scratch. This accident happened yesterday afternoon on her way home from the “girls weekend get together” Chantal and Lynn both went to work this morning! Unbelievable!!! I love Volvo’s […]

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Rick FW Goedecke - Hey Mark,
My wife’s got a Volvo as well. Would not substitute it for the world. Just knowing that she is safe is relief enough.
We bought another one, at a place in Toronto called “Volvo Guys”
At a much lower rate than a new one.
He’s got many in stock, if you’re in the shopping mood

Take care

BTW- I met you in Picton, a few years back, shooting the “JunkYard” with my Digital Blad

Chantal - Margaret, I love you!!!
Your comment made me laugh out loud!!
Thank you for all of the “glad to hear you’re ok ” comments.
I am alive and well!!!

Mark Ridout - Hey Margaret….Chantal will be in Jamaica soon enough. We have a wedding there in 2009 but not before I get yours and the other weddings delivered.

Margaret - My goodness! Glad that Chantal is OK. Mark you should take her for a vacation maybe Jamaica!

Angela - Holy cow. Glad to hear you’re ok Chantal….are you sure you’re not still in shock?? Hope you had a big glass of wine after that!

Adam - Wow! That’s awful. Glad to hear everyone was OK.
(ps. very nice images of those old wrecks).

D'Arcy - It’s not a party untill something breaks…poor Volvo! Glad your OK Chantel!

Raychelle - oh my goodness! Thank goodness Chantal is alright! That Volvo really took a beating.

Lindsay Fair – A short break

I took a short break from my mountain of weddings to share a few images from our local Central Exhibition here in Lindsay Ontario September 17-21. The first Lindsay Central Exhibition was held in 1854. All images shot with my 70-200 2.8 and the 85mm 1.2  Enjoy My favorite pic 🙂

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Paul Johnston - I’ve been following your work for about 4 years. Love your style. Would you mind telling me about your post-production? What settings, plug-ins or actions do you run? How do you get your look?

Mark Ridout - Hey Barb….I’m not sure if National Geographic would do a spread on the art of picking your nose in a filled stadium.

Barb Evans - Does National Geographic know about you????

Amanda Pascoe - Some beautiful shots Mark! Not to mention the classic “Only at the Lindsay Fair” looking ones! haha! Great work!

Jennifer - I love your site. Been a regular since I saw your work in my textbook. You are an inspiration, and a curse. Your images alternately make me want to weep or hurl my Canon off the nearest cliff. I’ll still be back every day to see what heights I can aspire to. Thanks.

Raychelle - Lovely Mark! I love all the “personality” shots.

Mark Ridout - Hey Daniel……gear i can’t live without? Hmmmmmm….I’ll go with my 5D and the 70-200 2.8 with the 85mm a close second. Thanks for the comment….always appreciated.

DanielStancil - I think your work is awesome! Wow you have a real gift. I am truly inspired to take my picture taking to another level. Your work inspires me. Thanks I would love to know what gear you cannot live without. WOW! Keep up the beautiful work!!!

Sarah & Jake – Wedding at Viamede Resort

Sarah and Jake exchanged vows at beautiful Viamede Resort under….believe it or not….sunny skys. I think they had one of only three weekends this season where it didn’t rain. Sarah and the girls got ready at Renders Roost… a beautiful location that Sarah’s parents call home. Here are a few pics from the day. Stay […]

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Sandra & Travis – Chantal does it again

Chantal performed her photographic magic for Sandra and Travis who tied the knot in a ceremony on the family farm in Cambray Ontario. Not only did she capture some great shots but supplied me with a shot of the wedding venue that is spectacular. The composition, the colors and the clouds make for a very […]

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Sue Patterson-Lieggi - Well as the mom of the groom I think the pictures so far are very good. I can hardly wait to see a picture of the whole wedding party with the ring bearer and flower girl…they were so cute. But of course my son’s bride stole the show, she was gorgeous. I am so happy for them both.

Sherry and Brandon – Chantal shoots solo

Chantal shot Sherry & Brandon’s wedding solo and did a great job! Last year Chantal shot the brides sister’s wedding so it was fitting to have her return…….that being said Chantal has decided to just 2nd shoot with me in 2009 and that’s a blessing in disguise. With the number of weddings I have shot […]

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