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Stephanie & Kurtis – from Minnesota Wild to Peterborough Love

Stephanie and Kurtis tied the knot in Peterborough Ontario and we had a blast (including a few blasts from confetti rockets) shooting in and around Peterborough. The wedding party was a riot and photographing the girls…..well…. was quite easy 🙂 They are all beautiful!! Even pregnant lil’ April who I think has since had her […]

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Erin Johnson - Mpls Photographer - These images look absolutely fantastic! I love the photobooth, barn and waterfall shots. Keep up the good work.

Judy Kay Bryan - Where do I start….I love love love your work!! God has truly given you a wonderful gift. You inspire me as a photographer to think out of the box!!!

OnsiteMN Photography - The phone booth picture is hot! Great pictures!

bobby - Mark, long time listener, first time caller….Although, I always enjoy your images, I’ve really learned to relish your compositions. With the number of PS actions available, post processing has become easier. But adding in additional images, textures, or vector images really defines a person’s “vision”. Thanks for the inspiration!


Michael Gill - Mark, I have to agree with Pauls comment, I have also been a follower of your work and you truly are inspirational. Fantastic images. By the way whats the name of the music track on the slideshow?

Paul Johnston - Mark, I’ve been following your work for a few years. These images are stunning and among your best. You inspire me.

Corel Painter – Pixels As Art with Marilyn Sholin

Day two at school and I actually created my first painting ever!! Move over Rembrandt their’s a new kid in town 🙂

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Lisa Coulson - Mark – these are fantastic! Definately would be something I would purchase as part of a wedding package. By the way – you looked great when we saw you on Saturday!

Adam Miasik - Hey Mark,

After you finish playing in the Painter Sandbox, you need to go go straight home. Bella’s pee’d all over your computer, the grass needs cutting, the garbage needs to be taken out and Oh Yeah… your sons girlfriend moved into your bedroom 🙂 Hope you had FUN! FUN! FUN!!!!

Debra Weisheit - I spent a week with Jeremy Sutton at Florida School in May and it was fantastic! I’m sure you’re learning and having fun with Marilyn! I belong to her forum and really enjoy it! Can’t wait to see more of your work!

Marilyn Sholin - Even better having Mark as a student. His talent and creativity is amazing. Mark is amazing in that he has a mission and a vision and a plan and he goes for it. Great guy. Glad he is in the workshop to make it more fun.

Paul McCall - Excellent stuff Mark. Adds another dimension to your work.

Cheers Paul. DWC Member

Ridout Photography – school zone

I am off to school Sunday and will not be returning e mails or calls until Friday August 22nd. I am attending the Niagara School Of imaging and taking a course on Painter X by international speaker, author, painter and portrait artist Marilyn Sholin.  This course should be interesting and hopefully I can learn enough […]

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Joey L - noob!!!

Elizabeth + James – Blue Mountain Wedding

Elizabeth and James tied the knot on top of Blue Mountain overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay. The sun was out in all its glory. In fact looking back it may have been the sunniest day of the summer thus far. Elizabeth looked stunning in her designer wedding dress crafted by award winning, world renowned designer, the […]

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Elizabeth - AIEEEEE! SO excited, the pics are amazing. I coudn’t wait, and I see it was well worth the wait. Mark, you did an amazing job!! Can’t wait to see the rest.

Pic Of The Day

I was in Tampa Florida getting ready to speak on the convention floor for Photodex Corporation and noticed this dude hanging off the building across from the hotel. It was at this moment I realized how lucky I am to make a living at photography.

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