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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Pic Of The Day – Game Over

Still editing thousands of photos taken while on an engagement session in Paris France. This photo intrigued me. Chantal and I were leaving a cemetery and I noticed this basketball was speared on the perimeter wall. It was definitely game over!

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Adam Miasik - Hey Mark,

Seems like someone spiked the ball! Ahhhhh looks like the game was DEAD anyway!

-Adam Miasik-

Madison Kozak – Step’in Up

Madison is well on her way to completing her second CD. I’m not sure if Step’in Up will be the title of the CD but because I chose the name and threw together a little mock up of the cover below, I’m kind of partial to the idea. At eleven years old she is making […]

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Brodie Baumhour - I just want to say that you are a very talented young woman, and I enjoy your music very much! Beautiful pictures! Keep working hard, and you will definately make it! Take care!

teresa vigil - yep- he is the best!

Brianne Reesor - Soo beautiful Maddy!…Almost as pretty as me! haha
Wonder when Mark can take my pictures…
Dont forget about your loving sis when you make it Big and Famous eh?
Love You!
-Brianne xo

Herb Adams - Your new pictures are great Madison. Looking quite serious in some, with lots of concentration and determination. Your intense blue eyes are remarkable. I like the playful and relaxed moods also. Wonderful job all around.


Kristen Corneil - Awesome pictures!!! they look amazing, and you look amazing… don’t forget me when you become famous! lol

Love your best friend forever,
Krissy xo

Violet Campbell - Good Afternoon Mark,
One word to describe your great photographic genius, “awesome”. You’ve done an absolutely amazing job of finding the real Madison, from having fun as a child to getting ready to go on stage as the professional she is, even at this young age. You capture those beautiful blue eyes so well. Thank You. I just love the photos.
Violet Campbell

Tish Sutcliffe - Mark;

Ramona sent me the link to these pictures. You have done a fabulous job capturing her in several different moods from jumping in the air being a kid to the more serious young lady. You have a real gift when it comes to photography.



Ramona Kozak - Mark,

Brought tears to my eyes….
Thank you….

Your work is absolutely beautiful.
No words can I explain.

Thank you for all you do, we are so lucky and blessed to have such a talented professional and friend in our community!

I am very grateful,
“Madison’s” Mom…..Ramona

Jennifer & Ryan – Wedding Bliss

I’m almost finished Jennifer and Ryan’s wedding package. The printed coffee table book looks awesome! When open it measures a whopping thirty inches across. The custom designed jacket for the book is worth a design  award…but that’s my opinion. What a blast it was shooting these folks. Normally I don’t stay late into the reception […]

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Lil’Carson – Ridout Photography Brag Books

Carson was a cute little bugger with a great melon. I don’t shoot allot of kids because I’m too busy shooting big kids that get married. Theresa (Carson’s Mommy) is taking home the Ridout Photography Brag Book. So when someone asks you…”do you have any kids?”….pull out the Brag Book! E mail Ridout Photography if […]

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teresa vigil - wow- great layout design and placement of photos, i even love the sarab-

Smile :) – Pic Of The Day

I am editing a recent wedding and came across this image taken during the service. I chuckled to myself because of the look on their faces. It intrigues me as I look at it. What are they thinking? Are they upset that I am photographing this moment? I need a caption for this photo….give me […]

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Roy Llera - Woman on left: I can’t believe he brought that woman to the wedding…what does she have that I didn’t have?

Woman in middle: Aaay! ese mujer..que peste tiene…yo creo que las “depends” estan lleno de…

the guy…ahhh…that bridesmaid is beautiful…ohh to be young again…or in La Habana.

robert - Are you afraid of death, Earl? No, not really. In fact I’d be ready to go anytime if it weren’t for that contraption he’s sticking in my face. What the hell is that thing on his head Madge; I dunno … oh, c’mon Mabel it’s a damn bucket; you blind or something …

Adam Miasik - ” There better be a buffet after this service! ”

– Adam Miasik –

Adam - why does ‘my day’ seem so long ago …

francine Bayley - I thought it was a funeral!

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