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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Raychelle & Jonathan – keep Austin wierd

Raychelle & Jonathan tied the knot at Barr Mansion in Austin Texas. For over 20 years, Barr Mansion has served as Austin’s premier wedding and event location. The candle lit ceremony was elegant under the thousands of twinkling lights. Two of the ushers fainted during the ceremony. The first falling usher hit the floor shortly […]

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Johann - Mark… I am absolutely BLOWN away by your work! As a novice photographer I find your work immensely inspiring!

Absolutely fantastic work, sir!

Kristi - Such an inspiring series of shots. Thanks for sharing…they were all so wonderful

Lowell Tindell - Nice work Mark. Thanks for sharing.

Angela DeSalvo - Hey Mark, just watched this show with a coffee. You da man!! The ending snippet is awesome!! Have a Brazilian beer for us and say hi to Chantal!

D’Arcy and Ang

Tomorrow Is A New Day – at the airport

Off we go to spend another full day running, pulling, waiting, yawning and maybe even a few snaps of interesting tired travelers. Chantal and I will be gone for a week as we travel to Brazil. Remember it doesn’t matter where you are going, or that you may have to sit and ponder life for […]

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Adam Miasik - Hey Mark!

Don’t you have to get MARRIED first?

Love – Adam –

The Blogging Flu

Chantal and I arrived home a day late from WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). The connecting flight to Toronto was canceled because of a flat tire. Continental put us up in a hotel in Cleveland Ohio and gave us food vouchers for dinner and breakfast the next morning. That was mighty swell of them […]

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Evangelina Avila - Mark, Angel Vasquez is my boss and we both sat to watch your presentation (wppi) and we both agree on the fact that you are so freakin creative! Every time I go to wppi I must see you and your creativeness, because you inspire me to be the best. Thanks for your generosity! Angelina

Debbie - Angel, I was right next to you. Mark, you couldn’t tell you weren’t feeling well. Not only are you a genius with ProShow, you take fantastic photos. If you ever make it to Los Angeles, look me up. Hubby and I will take you out on the town.

Angel Vasquez - Sat with you during your presentation at WPPI for Producer and chatted with you afterwards. Thank you for your genius, but more importantly your graciousness and generosity in sharing your knowledge. You’re my idol! And when I grow up, I’m going to be just like you!

Raychelle - Amanda & amp; I are sick with the flu too 🙁 Dang Vegas! Sorry to hear you guys got delayed overnight..that’s the worst. Hope you have a nice weekend

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